Know When to Replace Vs Repair Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Knowing when to repair & when to replace¬†commercial kitchen equipment can be the difference in thousands of dollars worth in energy and maintenance fees. Not to mention the time lost when the ice maker isn’t freezing water or the exhaust fan isn’t turning.

All equipment has a different life span; Some restaurants will get 20 years out of refrigerator and only 3 years out of a garbage disposal unit. Ask these 4 questions of your current equipment before calling the repair company:

  • Is there an efficiency cost?–“How long is the oven taking to heat up?” or “Does the garbage disposal take 3 cycles to crush a small amount of waste?” Once equipment costs more in energy over the long term, time to replace.
  • Are repair costs more than replacement costs?–This isn’t usually as straightforward as fixing one small component. If that ice maker needs to be looked at more than once in a year for any reason, start keeping a log of fixes. At some point you will need to buy new.
  • Has some redesign made buying new equipment more affordable?–In most industries new designs of old products create lower prices for previously expensive goods. Induction ranges and touch screen products put older models within reach for small or medium-sized restaurants. Looking at new products for updated tech might be the difference in replacing that overworked dishwasher or having it serviced yet again.
  • How effective is the cleaning?–All equipment needs regular cleaning to operate at maximum efficiency. Once the professionals have sprayed and scrubbed that hood should work like new again. At some point the cleanings become less and less effective and it needs frequent cleaning just to keep up. Start looking for new models when maintenance costs skyrocket.

Kitchen managers and restaurant owners looking to upgrade their equipment should visit us for a full listing of products. We can also offer advice on the best items for your demands.

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