Quick Fixes for Common Commercial Ice Maker Issues

In a commercial setting, an ice maker is one of the most important pieces of equipment you can possess. This is certainly the case for restaurants, convenience stores that offer fountain drinks, and any business that sells bagged ice. With that in mind, we offer these quick fixes for common commercial ice maker issues.

You may not realize exactly how much money you are saving until your ice machine goes on the fritz. Purchasing bagged ice from somewhere else for use in your own establishment can really add up, but sometimes it is the only real option you have until your ice maker is fixed.

One of the most common malfunctions among commercial ice makers can be that they simply stop freezing the ice. Water continues to run through the machine and it sounds much like it did when it was working, but you wind up with water instead of ice.

In this instance, there are certainly some things you can do until help arrives:

  • Turn the ice machine off. Allowing it to continue running while not actually freezing and making ice can overwork the motor and lead to more substantial problems as a result. Don’t be tempted to wait for an hour or so and turn the machine back on as, again, this will cause the motor to work overtime.
  • Make use of the downtime by taking apart as many components as you are comfortable with and giving them a good cleaning. Many times, a buildup of calcium or lime deposits can lead to the ice machine breaking down or not working as efficiently as it could.
  • If you have the type of ice machine that continues to dispense ice even without the freezing component in working order, you can continue using it by filling it with bagged ice purchased elsewhere. While it certainly is not the best case scenario, it will work until repairs can be made to your ice machine.

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