Extra Kitchen Accessories Your Commercial Kitchen Should Have

As in other industries, the show must go on in your kitchen despite emergencies. You will often find yourself trying to make a faltering piece of equipment get through one last dinner rush before you can properly fix the thing, or stretch out space when there is a sudden rush. Here are a few kitchen accessories that you should keep on hand for those situations.

Hi-Temp Electrical Tape:

Electrical tape is good for when you find a wire starting to fray. It can also hold together and insulate cranky busbars. Use it to close the ends of things and protect things that must go near heat. They can cover scorch marks and keep a temporary fix going for a full shift, so keep a roll on hand in the kitchen.

Ceramic Wire Nut:

If there is one thing that is prone to falling off and rolling in some hidden crack, it is a wire nut. These are used to connect low-voltage conductors, with wire inserts to get the electricity where it needs to go. The ceramic versions can take as much as 1600 degrees Fahrenheit, and are important in getting a suddenly temperamental appliance to work. They can be used to prop up electrical components so that they stay where you can use them without zapping the rest of the equipment, too. Have a handful around for connecting wires and using as tiny props.

Oven Racks:

There are many uses for spare oven racks: spare shelving when you need to cool things for the next lunch rush, extra heating space when a group of guests ask you to hold off on the main course or you need to bake 18 things at once, and stand-ins for baskets or grills when you run low. It’s always good to know such multi-functional item is at your beck and call.

Aluminum Tubing:

Tubing is another thing that can do many jobs. It lets you move items in the kitchen when you need to get appliances out of the way. It lets you extend pipes that vent in an emergency to keep kitchens safe. It can be used to protect things from the heat, since it is heat-resistant. Having a spare bit can be helpful in an emergency.

Paper Filters:

It’s not just coffee machines that need them. Paper filters can stand in for any number of items: they can protect cooling bowls of food, and they have the perfect consistency for temporarily covering holes. Paper filters can act as strainers in a pinch to save oil for one more meal before your inventory person can go get more. Keep a bunch around for their many uses.

Pin Pushers:

There is always a hidden button that restarts the appliances that is just out of reach, or a wire that needs to be hooked together that is just beyond your fingers. Have a pin pusher with the other tools for when the quick fix requires a long, thin tool.

Emergencies will happen, and you will need a little ingenuity and these kitchen accessories to get you through them. If you feel like your commercial kitchen could stand to stock up on these items, contact us. We have what you need to keep your food establishment running.

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