Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Tips Your Employees Need To Know

Effective kitchen cleaning is like effective meal prep, it requires a high level of routine based chores that everyone must follow. Because of the hustle atmosphere of cooking and kitchen work, established patterns will make cleaning up a breeze. Check out our commercial kitchen cleaning tips that are sure to make your kitchen a more enjoyable place to work.

Pay special attention to these key areas in the kitchen and keep employee incidents down and fire dangers to a minimum.

  • Appliances – Be sure to thoroughly clean appliances every night, inside and out. Not only will this keep your kitchen clean, but it will extend the life of your appliances while reducing the risk of fire that could cause harm to your appliances, restaurant, and employees.
  • Floor Drains – pipes get buildup from the extra grease in the pans that spills on to the floor. It doesn’t take long for a restaurant to close its doors once the pipes have seized up from neglect. Don’t put off cleaning the pipes for too long. Heavy grease buildup is a fire hazard as well.
  • Floor Surface – whether using a mop or a brush and squeegee be sure to use a degreaser for heavy buildup areas under sinks and ovens. Keeping floors clean and dry are critical to preventing fires and slipping injuries.
  • Counters and sinks – raw food drippings can leave salmonella traces on surfaces when not cleaned right away. The risk is in cross contamination, or the possibility that utensils will have some trace of food borne illness from partially cleaned surfaces. Counters and sinks should be cleaned as often as possible.
  • Freezers and Coolers – old food left in corners can leave an odor that ‘sits’ in the unit until removed. Regularly take food out and scrub shelving and drawers before the grime creates an even bigger job.

These commercial kitchen cleaning tips are more effective when combined with a schedule for staff workers and cooks. Not every area needs attention between meals but institutions have fewer accidents and fewer code violations when deep cleaning is enforced. Questions about cleaning or maintenance? check us out

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