At Kitchen Parts Plus, we repair and provide replacement parts for a variety of commercial kitchen equipment. We always get asked the question, “How can we prevent our equipment from breaking down?”

The answer is simple, you cannot! However, there are ways to maintain your kitchen equipment to lower the probability of breakdowns of equipment and to help spot potential issues before they become issues that hurt the efficiency and productivity of your commercial kitchen.

The harsh truth is that commercial kitchen equipment, like any other machine, will break down at some point and time. The trick to running a proper kitchen is to spot these issues before they become a huge problem. We always suggest what we call “planned maintenance” on your commercial kitchen equipment.

Catch Small Issues before they Become Major Issues

Have you ever heard an inspector or repair person say something along the lines of, “I’m glad we caught this early, it could have been a major issue later”? Usually a statement like this is followed by an instant and long sigh of relief. The truth is, small issues typically become larger, more complex issues the longer they are allowed to persist.

By regularly having your commercial kitchen equipment maintained, the more likely it is that some issues will be caught and repaired before they become major, more permanent issues.

Lowers Repair Costs

Continuing from the topic above, by catching issues with your commercial kitchen equipment by having regularly, planned maintenance you can drastically cut back on your repair costs.

By catching potentially large issues early on, the amount of repair required to fix that small issue can be significantly lower compared to the damage done by letting the issue fester for weeks or even months without repair.

Extends the Life of Kitchen Equipment

Similar to regular maintenance on a car, planned maintenance for your commercial kitchen equipment can extend the life of your kitchen equipment for many years. It will help diagnose problems early on, before they do long term damage to the piece of equipment.

By doing planned maintenance on a regular basis, you will continue to catch issues early that will decrease the life of your commercial kitchen equipment.

Lowers Overall Costs of Running a Commercial Kitchen

By keeping your commercial kitchen equipment in great working order, the overall efficiency of your kitchen will stay high and your cost of running your kitchen will stay even. When commercial equipment slips into disrepair, it can have a profound effect on the efficiency of the kitchen and the quality of the product being put out. Some examples:

  • When a refrigerator or freezer is not working properly, it will consume more power in an attempt to reach the set temperatures. This can result in higher energy bills and food not stored at the proper temperatures for preservation. All of these issues can lead to big issues for a restaurant or any other commercial kitchen.
  • When a fryer is not working properly, it will consume more energy to get hot enough to do its job. This can lead to higher energy bills, more time to fry food, and soggy, under cooked product being put out.

These are merely two, brief examples of how planned maintenance on your commercial kitchen equipment is a great idea. Not only will planned maintenance save a restaurant or commercial kitchen money in the long run, it can help protect its reputation as well.

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