Nothing is quite as stressful as learning that you need a refrigerator repair. With the high upfront cost of a new unit, replacement is often out of the question.  Kitchen Parts Plus has good news, replacement may not be necessary. It is often a part that can be replaced.

We have compiled a list of common refrigerator repair problems and the possible causes so you can get the part(s) that need replacing or repaired.

Common refrigerator repair problems

If your icemaker is producing little or no ice, there may be a blockage.  Check for frozen water in the tubing leading to the icemaker.  If you find there is no blockage, you may have a problem with one of the following:

  1. Saddle Valve: The saddle valve connects the household water to the icemaker
  2. Water Inlet Valve:  This valve controls the water flow to the icemaker by turning off or on the flow.

Puddles of water and leaks are usually another easy refrigerator repair.

  1. Verify that the refrigerator is level.  There is a pan under the fridge that collects water where it then evaporates.  If it is not level, the pan may not catch the water.
  2. Make sure the drain plug is not clogged.
  3. Check the lines to and from the saddle and water inlet valves.  If they are leaking, replace.
  4. The compression fittings on the tubes may be faulty.

If the refrigerator is constantly running, it may be one of the following:

  1. Bad/dirty seals
  2. Low on freon
  3. The defrost heater
  4. Defrost terminator

If your fridge is not cold enough or is too cold, these may be the culprits:

  1. Temperature Sensor
  2. Dirty Coils
  3. Condenser Fan

This is just a small list.  For more information on your specific refrigerator repair, contact Kitchen Parts Plus and let us get you the part you need.

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