Restaurants are tough work environments; especially in cities like St. Louis, MO with a large and diverse population. Restaurants have to be in sync to properly cook and serve food to their guests. If it is one thing a restaurant cannot afford it is for its commercial kitchen equipment to not be working at 100% efficiency.

Commercial Ice Maker Use & Repair

The most important piece of equipment in a kitchen can be argued over, however, I believe that the ice maker is, by far, one of the most crucial pieces of equipment in any food establishment. Because of the stress put on this machine and how frequently it must run, it often needs repair parts to keep it working at optimal efficiency.

Commercial Convection Oven Use & Repair

Convection ovens are another staple in any commercial kitchen. They can be used to make your restaurants’ famous biscuits or possibly cook the roast beef that will be for dinner. Either way, a convection oven is a versatile tool that ever kitchen needs. Once again, due to the versatile nature of the convection oven in the kitchen, it often needs repair parts to keep it running.

Commercial Refrigeration / Freezer Use & Repair

Reach-in coolers and freezers & walk-in coolers and freezers are another essential piece to any commercial kitchen. Keeping inventory for weeks at a time, items that must stay refrigerated or frozen will need one of these pieces of equipment. Like a refrigerator or freezer at home, the constant use of these machines means they are prone to breaking down and needing replacement parts.

Commercial Kitchen Dishwasher Use & Repair

It’s easy to understand that a restaurant only has so much dishware yet has to churn out meals in a very quick time frame. A commercial dishwasher is the true workhorse of the kitchen. These powerful machines are like home dishwashers on steroids. Because they are treated so roughly, they are quick to need replacement parts.

Commercial Griddle Use & Repair

A griddle is used primarily for short order restaurants and any restaurant that is looking to serve breakfast. Griddles can be used to cook everything from hamburgers to scrambled eggs; it can also cook just about anything in between. Although it is a cumbersome piece of equipment, most restaurants designate a spot in their kitchen for this highly used piece of kitchen equipment. As you can imagine, any piece of kitchen equipment that is used for a wide-variety of things will need to be repaired with replacement parts here and there.

All of these pieces of equipment are more than likely to be found in any commercial kitchen you walk in to. However, in order to keep them running, it is important to properly repair them with the proper replacement parts as needed. Contact Us today to figure out what you need to replace on your commercial kitchen equipment in St. Louis.

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