Discover the common commercial dishwasher parts that break or need repaired

Almost every household has a dishwasher to help maintain household dish use. Even though they are quite reliable there are a couple common commercial dishwasher parts that break or need repaired every once in a while.

Common Commercial Dishwasher Parts

Without proper care, the spray arm is bound to break at least once during the life of a dishwasher. Because of the sediment buildup from hard water, the arm can become plugged up, causing it to break. To prevent this, be sure to keep the drain clear of all large particles. In addition, rinse the dishes well before loading them into the dishwasher so no big pieces of food get caught in the trap. The spray arm will still probably need to be replaced at one point, but taking these measures extends the life of it.

Another common dishwasher part that often needs replacing is the spray arm mount. Because of corrosion, the arm will eventually stop working and even with the proper maintenance.

When these common commercial dishwasher parts need replacing it is important to locate the make and model number of your dishwasher and parts. This will make the replacement process much easier.

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