Common Commercial Kitchen Parts That May Give You Trouble

Nothing is more frustrating for a cook than equipment that doesn’t work properly. Skillets that don’t heat and exhaust fans that won’t turn are just a couple regular issues common to all kitchen staff. Some parts need replacing more frequently than others.

Regular maintenance and amount of use determine when equipment is in need of a replacement. Regular maintenance doesn’t have to mean using a manual and performing exhaustive checks. Cleaning is usually sufficient for maintenance if done often enough. Listening for unusual sounds and grinding noises during operational use are helpful.

Simple checks keep heavy equipment from disastrous failures during busy lunch time rushes or holiday meals.

Items with lots of moving parts will need to be replaced more than ones with few moving parts. This is also why refrigerators last longer than ice makers, generally, and dishwashers need more attention than freezers. All those springs, blades, motors and gaskets gunk up so often. Restaurant crews get full use out of their appliances.

Here is a short list of some commonly replaced commercial kitchen parts and the kitchen appliance it services.

  • Garbage disposal fan blades- they dull quickly and get used to chop up dense food scrapings that should be bagged instead.
  • Condenser coils (refrigerator)- number one culprit for a refrigerator that doesn’t stay cold.
  • Pump rotor assembly (dishwasher)- primarily because of all the moving parts.
  • Fan assembly and motor (icemaker)- fans collect dust and grime putting pressure on motors to work harder.
  • Heating elements (oven)- they get corroded often limiting their ability to heat.

Looking for common or unusual commercial kitchen parts? We have a full range of products from air hoses to zip ties.

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