What do you do if you need appliance parts but the manufacturer is out of business?

Commercial kitchen and food service equipment typically has a long use life in terms of how long the can be used before a new piece of equipment needs to be purchased. However, although commercial kitchen and food service equipment have a long life, they do need replacement appliance parts to keep them working at optimal levels.

As with any business, there is a chance that, one day, the manufacturer will no longer be in business. This puts business owners and restaurant operators in a tight spot if they need replacement appliance parts a brand of kitchen appliance or food service equipment from an out-of-business manufacturer.

Luckily, there are kitchen appliance parts vendors that specialize in all of the replacement and repair parts that kitchen appliances and food service equipment need in order to work efficiently. Some of these vendors, like Kitchen Parts Plus even have parts for models and manufacturers that are no longer around.

We Stock Repair and Replacement Parts for the Following Manufactures that are no Longer in Business:

  • Appliance Parts for Seco – Seco Steam Tables
  • Appliance Parts for Southern Equipment Co
  • Appliance Parts for Franklin Range
  • Appliance Parts for Franklin Chef

If you do not see the manufacturer of your kitchen appliance or piece of commercial food service unit check out all of the brands we carry on our Kitchen Parts by Brands page or, give us a call or send us an email and we will help you diagnose the issue, if we can, over the phone and get the proper kitchen repair part to you.

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