Purchasing commercial kitchen parts and equipment is an important task for any business that needs commercial kitchen equipment. Most businesses struggle with the choice of purchasing used commercial kitchen equipment at auctions or second-hand equipment outlets. However, this may not always be the best decision. This article will discuss some tips on purchasing new kitchen equipment for your commercial equipment.

To Buy New or Used Kitchen Equipment

Filling a commercial kitchen with equipment can costly. Most business owners are already facing large initial start-up costs if they are opening a new restaurant or expanding and inserting a commercial kitchen into their current space.

Intuition tells most business owners to look for second-hand commercial kitchen equipment and appliances; that is, however, a poor choice. Like most large purchases, spending more money on a better product, or new product, may cost more to begin with, but will save a fair amount of money in the long for. New commercial kitchen equipment will have an increased use-life over second-hand equipment and will cost far less in repair and maintenance over those years.

New Commercial Kitchen Equipment Buying Tips

For those business owners looking to install new commercial kitchen equipment on a budget, there are a few ways to do so without totally breaking the bank.  Here are some tips that will help get great equipment without paying the full, new kitchen equipment price:

Lease-to-Own Commercial Kitchen Equipment Programs

Lease-to-Own is a viable option for most commercial kitchens. This option allows a business owner or operator to use new equipment for a fraction of the cost paid on a monthly basis. In most lease-to-own situations, repairs are covered under the lease, which allows the business owner or operator to breathe a sigh of relief if the kitchen equipment breaks or needs repairs while still in the lease.

Secondly, after the lease is up, the commercial kitchen equipment can typically be purchased for a much smaller amount of money than the outright, new price. This gives a business owner/operator flexibility.  Commercial kitchen equipment has a long usable life that far exceeds the lease term.

Buy New Kitchen Equipment with Minor Imperfections

Shipping large commercial kitchen equipment can be difficult. This often results in dings, dents, and scratches on new, unused pieces of equipment. Most carriers then sell these aesthetically marred pieces of equipment for drastically less than the sticker price. Working in a commercial kitchen, purchasing new appliances with minor aesthetic imperfections can be a great way to save money on commercial equipment while still saving some money.

Bear in mind that the cost of purchasing new, quality pieces of commercial kitchen equipment and appliances is an investment into the success of the business. Most commercial kitchens cannot afford for kitchen equipment to down, needing maintenance, or dying in the middle of a dinner rush.  Be sure that you are taking the right approach to installing or upgrading your commercial kitchen.

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