Common Oven Parts That Need To Be Replaced Or Repaired

It always seems to happen either the day before Thanksgiving or the day you are hosting a dinner party. The oven refuses to start. The mind is driven into panic mode. What is to be done? Borrow the neighbor’s kitchen? Hope and pray that the repair shop has the correct part? There are a surprisingly large number of oven parts that commonly malfunction. There are no guarantees that your repair person has the particular part in stock since carrying access inventory is expensive.

Borrowing the neighbor’s kitchen is not usually practical. Having a dinner party catered is not usually a last-minute thing. You can always order pizza and laugh it off, but you know how much time and money you have invested in your event.

Oven malfunctions occur every day; not only on special occasions. A malfunctioning oven is not something you can just ignore until another day. One never knows how much the oven is used until it won’t start!

There is no need to panic. Be prepared! Especially if you have an older range (they are incredibly trendy). It is simple and relatively inexpensive to buy common oven parts that need to be replaced or repaired. Oven parts are normally small enough that they will not cause a storage issue either. Below is a list of some common oven parts that need replaced or repaired and are easily available for purchase:

  • Fuses
  • Broil element
  • Bake element
  • Surface burner element
  • Temperature sensor
  • Infinite switch
  • Electric control valve
  • Safety valve
  • Oven burner igniter

You will do yourself and your repair person a huge favor by having some or all of these parts on hand. If you would rather not have an oven repair shop in your basement, and the repair is not an emergency, it is also a smart idea to have a reputable online parts retailer researched before lightning strikes. Please feel welcome to contact us!

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