Avoid Kitchen Disasters by Maintaining Commercial Kitchen Efficiency

Whether your commercial kitchen is used for a gourmet restaurant, a school cafeteria, or something else, having it run efficiently is of utmost importance. If the appliances and parts are not working at full capacity, people will be frustrated, and staff may very well need to work- and be paid- for longer hours. While having efficient people on hand is vital, so are having appliances that have well-working parts. When it comes to your kitchen appliances, here are 3 tips that can assist you in maintaining commercial kitchen efficiency.

1.) Encourage staff to communicate problems.

You can’t resolve issues if you aren’t aware of them. Kindly remind staff to promptly mention when they notice that any of the appliances are defective or not functioning as well as they should be.

2.) Respond quickly when parts start to malfunction.

If an oven is not lighting every time, or the motor in an appliance seems to be burning out, the best thing you can do is to get a jump on the issue, and replace any problem part(s) before the appliance stops working completely. Don’t wait on fixing an appliance just because you can still use it for the time being, or it may abruptly give out for good- when you need it the most.

At Kitchen Parts Plus, we respond quickly to your needs. We can assist you by recommending the correct parts that will resolve your appliance issues, and in most cases can get the parts to you incredibly fast- even the next day if need be (if we receive your in-stock order by 4:00pm CST). We know time is of the essence when it comes to your commercial kitchen, and we don’t want to keep you waiting weeks for what you need.

3.) Be proactive.

When it comes to commercial kitchen appliances, it is to be expected that even the best brands will need maintenance and parts replaced at some point. If you already are aware of parts that need to be replaced every so often to keep an appliance working well, it would be wise to order a few extra in advance. That way you will have a few additional parts on hand that you know you will use, and you won’t have to worry when you need them.

Also, as touched on earlier, if someone observes that one of the appliances is not running as smoothly as it should be, you can order a replacement part from us right away, and by acting fast, you may prevent your appliance from being completely out of commission while your kitchen is in use.

These are just a few tips to help you with maintaining commercial kitchen efficiency. Please contact us when you find your appliances are in need of repairs, and we can help you get the parts you need, when you need them.

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