There’s More To The Microwave Than Meets The Eye

The humble microwave. As little as 10 years ago, microwaves were ‘just’ for heating up leftovers or making some quick popcorn. My, how far have we come!

The ‘humble’ microwave is a rock star these days. It could easily replace your conventional oven. There are so many features to the current generation of microwaves. Whether you need to replace your old-school microwave out of necessity, or simply want a better one, please read on for some handy tips regarding everything you need to know about microwaves.

  • Newer models are incredibly energy efficient.
  • Nearly identical built-in, as well as countertop models, are available in many brands and models.
  • The convection cooking option is almost standard in new microwaves; Hello browning, hello roasting an extra turkey!
  • Combination conventional/convection microwaves are not only available but also prevalent; these microwaves provide incredible versatility in your kitchen. They may even inspire you to become a star chef!
  • Size matters: depending on the features that you need, smaller sizes offer fewer features because they use less power and cook food more slowly.
  • Newer model microwaves offer an abundance of pre-programmed cooking modes. These pre-programmed modes are handy and are easy to learn!

Whether you are purchasing a new microwave or would prefer to conserve the one you already have, parts are an issue. In fact, parts can be a major issue, especially with older microwaves. These are some of the common replacement parts needed for older microwaves:

  • The all important light bulb
  • Turntable motor
  • Vent grill
  • Turntable coupler
  • Fuse
  • Grease filter
  • Door handle
  • Thermostat

As with anything related to your home and/or especially your kitchen, a reliable parts supplier is an invaluable resource to have. If you have appliances, something is going to break. Often enough, a new microwave with all of the bells and cooking modes are not an option.

When you have reached the new vs. conserve microwave place, we are dedicated experts at supplying the essential parts for your contractor (or yourself) to keep you microwaving in style! Please feel confident to contact us to discuss your microwave parts.

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