When It Comes To Your Commercial Kitchen’s Efficiency, Maintenance Is Key

In these days of tight operating budgets, virtually every company is looking for a way to save a few dollars. Often, owners and managers hold off on repairs to commercial equipment, particularly if their appliances are working, but simply not working at peak capacity. The thinking behind this attitude is that if something is working half right, it’s good enough. Such attitudes can lead to wasted money that can be put to better use. Maintenance is one of the most important aspects in maintaining your commercial kitchen’s efficiency.

Timely repair can impact efficiency and affect your overall bottom line.  Most problems with commercial food service equipment results from two things: the lack of knowledge among staff and the natural tendency of equipment to deteriorate over time. Commercial kitchen equipment that uses natural gas as a fuel source is particularly prone to issues because of high temperatures and the high volume of use. Burners and pilot lights are two areas of concern. Excessive dirt and wear in both components can result in a smothered flame and a dramatic drop in heating efficiency, leading to increased gas consumption.

Griddle and convection ovens also have a number of working parts that can crack or otherwise fail, so perform regular inspections and maintenance on these items as a non-working or partially working piece of equipment can affect your output and ultimately your sales.

Broken down coolers, freezers and dishwashers can cripple your operation.  Faulty refrigeration equipment can cause you to shut down and even lose thousands of dollars in spoiled inventory. Performing regular inspections can help you head off potential disasters before they occur.

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