The Best Parts and Equipment for Commercial Kitchen Efficiency

When it comes to keeping your commercial kitchen running smoothly, you need a go-to resource that will always have what you need in stock. After all, your commercial kitchen efficiency has daily needs, there is no downtime available to wait for a part getting shipped from Timbuktu; you need it now. Whether it is a part for use in repairing an oven, or one that will make your commercial dishwasher more energy-efficient, time is of the essence when you identify the need.

Conserving Water

In a commercial kitchen, both efficiency and energy-efficiency are critical. The dish-washing process uses a lot of water, and ensuring that your dishwashers and pre-rinse valves are in good shape will save water and money. With the cost of utilities and scarcity of our limited water resources, using a low-flow spray makes a lot of sense in a well-equipped kitchen. These lower flow valves use less water by using smaller nozzles and higher water velocity; they achieve the same sparkling dishes and pots and pans. Another perk is less stress on your dishwasher, and the potential it will last longer.

Pedal-operated water controllers for your sinks and dishwashers are another great way to conserve water and save yourself money in the process.

Efficient Maintenance

Proper maintenance of all of your high-quality commercial kitchen equipment will help it work better and last longer. This means keeping your commercial ovens spotless, your ice machines clean and in an appropriate area for their use, and your dishwasher thoroughly cleaned inside along with a regular cleaning of the filter. Clogged filters prevent clean dishes and proper draining.

Retrofit for Higher Efficiency

Even in an older commercial kitchen, there are some simple retrofits that can make it more efficient and save money as well. For instance, changing all light bulbs to LED bulbs can reduce annual lighting costs by 90 percent or more. While you are at it, why not add occupancy sensors for your walk-in coolers, so they will automatically shut off when everyone leaves the area.

Your refrigerator would likely benefit from a door closer that prevents wasting cold air and the potential of spoilage. Magnetic gaskets are an inexpensive way to repair or replace your refrigeration unit’s seal, and vinyl strip curtains can keep moisture levels stable and heat out.

As you can see, even small changes can add up to big savings when it comes to commercial kitchen efficiency. For all of your repair or retrofit parts, contact Kitchen Parts Plus and get what you need quickly.

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